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With 130 public school districts to choose from across Canada, there really is something for everyone. We understand that deciding on a destination can be exciting and also challenging!

Here are some important questions to consider as part of the decision-making process:

  • Language:

    What is the preferred primary language of study, English or French?

    As a bilingual country, Canada offers both options.

  • Duration of Study:

    What is the preferred length of study or what does the budget allow?

    A short-term experience of a few weeks or months or a longer study abroad term of one semester (5 months) or a full academic year (10 months)?

  • Accommodation:

    Is a homestay or dormitory experience preferred?

    Homestay accommodation offers immersion in local culture while living with a carefully-selected and well-matched Canadian family.

  • School Format:

    Would a semestered or linear school be a better fit?

    Secondary or high school programs in Canada are either linear in structure or semestered. In a linear school, students take the same 8-10 courses all year from September to June.

    In a semestered school, students take 4-5 courses from September to the end of January. Then 4-5 new courses in the 2nd semester from February through to the end of June.

  • Special Interests or Future Educational/Career Plans:

    Are there are hobbies, interests or future plans that could/should be considered?

    Some students are highly involved in hobbies, sports or other activities outside of school hours and hope to continue to purse these while studying in Canada. They may choose a destination based on where the appropriate type and level of coaching/training is available.

    For others, a faith-based education may be preferred or some students have future educational or career plans in mind at a young age.
    In the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, students can choose to attend Catholic public schools offering a faith-based education.

    In addition, some public schools also offer specialized/unique programs or course options which may be related to a student’s interests or help to specifically prepare them for future studies or a particular such as aviation, cosomotology or marine biology.

  • Location: Is a large urban centre, a suburb, a smaller town environment or a unique mountain or island destination preferred?

    Some students are drawn to an environment similar to what they’ve been raised in, while others are hoping for an entirely different experience while studying abroad. Some students with special interests may be looking for a particular type of community or landscape. As an example, for students who are skiers or enjoy horseback riding, some destinations will naturally be a better fit than others.

For assistance in researching and selecting the ideal study destination, use the search tool on our homepage at: www.caps-i.ca

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