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Renfrew County District School Board'

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) is a mid-sized District with over 9,000 students. Our southern most schools are in Arnprior, less than an hour drive from downtown Ottawa, our nation’s capital. Our northern most school is in Deep River. We have seven secondary schools and 21 elementary schools.Putting children first is our number one priority. Our vision is to realize that every community has something to offer and can be a place for learners of all types to exercise their curiosity and creativity. We celebrate imagination and encourage students to be  engaged to explore and discover their own pathways to success.We believe that a variety of cultures and perspectives from outside our District can play an important part in the growing and learning of our students. As such, our District is happy to welcome students into Grades 9-12 and match them with safe and welcoming homestay placements through our partnership with MLI and YES Canada.Our staff is committed, passionate and focused on doing their part to create the conditions that will ensure our students are healthy, happy and successful in their personal and professional pursuits. Each school has a dedicated Guidance Counsellor and Student Success teacher who can offer ongoing support and academic counselling to our students. We offer a full range of academic and extra-curricular programs including Specialist High Skills Major programs in 13 sectors such as Hospitality and Tourism, Health and Wellness and Transportation. We aim to place our international students at schools which best match their academic goals and extra-curricular interests.

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