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Langley School District'

Langley School District is governed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Government-certified teachers teach a complete government accredited and approved curriculum in all of the schools. We have been welcoming international students since 1989. Our International Student Program offers a wide range of education options which include Elementary, Secondary and Summer English Learning Programs. Students who want to come for the secondary program (grade 8 to 12) can begin their studies at the start of the school year in September, or in February at the start of the second semester. Elementary program welcomes a limited number of international students to study in selected elementary schools (kindergarten to grade 7). The District requires children under the age of 13 to reside with a parent for the duration of their studies.  Each summer we offer exciting short-term Summer English Learning Programs for students age 10 to 18.  Our schools offer an excellent learning environment with full range of academic and elective courses for international students to choose. We also have full ELL support from beginner to advanced levels. Each student is assessed upon arrival and is provided appropriate levels of English language and academic instruction depending on their abilities and goals. Each secondary school has a dedicated International Student Coordinator that works closely with students to make sure their academic, social and emotional needs are addressed so they stay focus on their studies. 

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