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Vancouver public schools welcome international students! 

The United Nations ranks Vancouver as one of the top ten cities to live in the world! In the beautiful city of Vancouver, students can explore nature, learn about our multicultural areas, and enjoy life with a welcoming host family. 

The International Education Program gives overseas students the opportunity to study together with Canadian students. Students may enroll in a wide variety of excellent academic courses and electives including fine arts, languages and computer studies, fashion design, dance and robotics programs. 
All Vancouver public schools are co-educational and offer excellent support for international students. Students will be given English language support where necessary. Each school has a library, a gymnasium, a cafeteria and counsellors to assist all students in course planning and study skills. 
There are many extra-curricular activities including music, sports, drama, chess, snowboarding/skiing and community service. Detailed information is available about our 18 high schools.

Program Established: 1986

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Group Programs

Specialized Programs: International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement

Language(s) of Study: English

Total number of schools: 110

High schools for international students: 17

Total Students: 52,000

Total International Students: 1,220

International Students Accepted for Grades: K-12

Nearest Airport: Vancouver International

Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics! The beautiful city of Vancouver offers students a chance to explore our parks, swim at the beaches, shop at Granville Island market and learn about our multicultural areas. Students enjoy skiing or snowboarding at local mountains. Enjoy life with a Vancouver host family in one of our residential areas.


Homestay is offered with welcoming local families for students aged 13 or above, upon request. Students learn about Canadian culture, lifestyle and expectations while living with a friendly and caring host family. Students are provided with a private bedroom, including study area, and three meals a day for a reasonable fee. Host parents can also provide custodianship for students.

Each school has a library, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, a school nurse, and counsellors to assist all students in course planning and study skills. There are many extracurricular activities including photography, sports, drama, chess, skiing, community service and more.

Entrance Dates: September & February

Application Deadlines: End of May

Application Fee: $250

Full Year Tuition Fee: $15,500

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $7,750

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: $550

Homestay Monthly Fee: $1000

All funds are in Canadian dollars

Annual Health Insurance Fee: $1,100

Annual Custodianship Fee: $525

Airport pick up Fee: $120

General Inquiries Email: intered@vsb.bc.ca

Website: intered.vsb.bc.ca/

Mailing Address: 1580 West Broadway Avenue

City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Postal Code: V6J 5K8

Phone: 604-713-4534

Fax: 604-713-4536

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