Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board serves the educational needs of students in the regions of Laval, Laurentides & Lanaudière at the kindergarten, elementary, secondary, adult education and vocational training levels. 

Students and staff members of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board share the honour of being one of the top ranking English school boards in the province. This accomplishment was attained through hard work and dedication, rigorous training and coaching, and with the assistance of innovative use of technology.

All of our secondary schools provide an academic program of courses prescribed by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), leading to a Secondary School Diploma. Enriched French is offered in all high schools, which varies from school to school. There is also a possibility to take other subjects in French. 

The student population is over 13 500 students, 

  • 26 Elementary 
  • 11 Secondary schools
  • 5 Adult Education and Vocational Training Centres
  • 1 Career Exploration Centre
  • 1 Nature & Science Centre

For a detailed list of all our schools and centres visit http://www.swlauriersb.qc.ca/?page=schools/overviewschools

Our four goals are centered on success, achievement and growth. They are designed to stimulate a culture of success in students and employees.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board is the only school board in the province to have a large nature facility to offer outdoor environmental education programs. The Arundel Nature & Science Center (ANSC) is a unique facility, authentic period buildings from the 1800s, acres of beautiful forest, hiking and cross-country ski trails, a genuine ‘sugar shack’ and the Rouge River – all part of the experience waiting for you at the centre!

Set in 155 hectares of natural beauty in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, the Arundel Nature & Science Centre represents a unique opportunity for young people to engage in meaningful learning, outdoors.

ANSC programs are taught with a “nature mentoring” approach, with a focus on environmental stewardship, personal accountability, empowerment and positive community building. Visit the ANSC website at http://www.natureandscience.ca/en/

Program Established: 2012

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Short Term

Specialized Programs: Sports, Fine Arts

Language(s) of Study: English, French

Total number of schools: 42

High schools for international students: 7

Total Students: 14,000

Total International Students: 40

International Students Accepted for Grades: 7-11, Adult & Vocational Training

Nearest Airport: Pierre Elliot Trudeau

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board is the third largest English school board of the Province of Québec, spanning over 35 000 square kilometers. We currently have a dedicated staff of over 1700 individuals who service the needs of our students across our vast, culturally-diverse territory of rural and urban schools. Some of our instructional leaders have received national recognition or have been selected for assignments after a nationwide selection process. To view the school board map click here: http://www.swlauriersb.qc.ca/docs/CSSWL_Carte_2011_v1.pdf

Laval Region: situated north of Montreal. It is the largest suburb of Montreal, the third largest municipality in the province of Quebec, offering public transportation including subway, commuter railway and buses.

  • 11 Elementary Schools
  • 2 Junior High Schools
  • 2 Senior High Schools
  • 1 Alternative School
  • 2 Adult Education and Vocational Training Centres

You can visit http://www.tourismelaval.com/en#/tab/evenements to discover what is offered in community life, services and environment in Laval.

Lanaudière Region: situated immediately to the northeast of Montreal. The city of Joliette is known for its festive, artistic nature.

  • 4 Elementary Schools
  • 1 High School
  • 1 Adult Education Centre

You can visit http://www.lanaudiere.ca/en/ to discover what is offered in community life, services and environment in Lanaudière.

Laurentides Region: situated 20 kilometres north of Montreal, known for its picturesque villages and famous for its majestic Mont-Tremblant, we find ski resorts, golf courses and plenty of outdoor activities for all ages, all year round.

  • 11 Elementary Schools
  • 5 High Schools
  • 1 Nature & Science Centre
  • 2 Adult Education and Vocational Education Centres

You can visit http://www.laurentians.com/ to discover what is offered in community life, services and environment in the Laurentians.

Each family interested in hosting an international student has to go through a rigorous selection process. The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board works in partnership with Canada Homestay International (CHI) and promotes this host family program within its schools, amongst students, teachers, administrators or people who live within the same community where the school is located.

After having sent an application form to CHI, the family’s information is screened and processed in order to make sure that our international students are placed in a great home. CHI ensures that each family can provide: a furnished room, 3 nutritious meals a day and a wholesome family environment.

A full inspection of the home and a security background check are all part of the precautions taken to ensure the safety of the students. Families that are selected may come from different backgrounds and origins. These families tend to have middle to upper socioeconomic status. They vary in number, from having younger or older children, to even some with no children or who have already left home. Some families are Anglophone and others Francophone. The international student has the opportunity to choose whether he or she wants a French or English speaking family based on availability.

Through sports concentration programs or sports études programs, students can benefit from more time during the regular school day to develop their skills in a specific sport and develop their overall athletic ability (football hockey and soccer.)

In the arts program, students benefit from more time during the regular school day to develop their skills in the fine and creative arts and have an opportunity to learn and showcase their abilities in music, art, dance and theatre.

We offer state of the art technology, which include mobile labs and Smartboards in all schools.

We provide transportation for all our students and all of our schools have cafeteria service. Our high schools offer various activities and events which include competitive sports teams (football, hockey, soccer, basketball, handball, floor hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, track & field, cross country skiing, broomball, weightlifting, and intramural sports).

Activities also include multicultural clubs and activities, a robotics team, community breakfasts, dances, theme days, game rooms, web site development, woodworking, gamer club, literary journal, Terry Fox runs, breast cancer runs, career fairs, artistic events, field days, winter carnivals & Winter fest, science fairs.

The Advance Technology Oriented Math & Science Program (A.T.O.M.S.) is like no other available in Québec. This program provides an opportunity for students who are gifted in the Math and Sciences to pursue an enriched curriculum designed to meet their particular talents.

The Accelerated learning Program is both an enrichment of the regular curriculum as well as acceleration in Mathematics. Students complete the Secondary Cycle 1 in Math requirements in one year which then allows them to proceed with higher level Math curriculum in future years.

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board hosted the Montreal Regional Science Fair in March 2012 at the Laval Junior and Laval Liberty High Schools. This fair brings together hundreds of students from the Montreal region who are provided with the opportunity to showcase their science projects and experiments. The next great breakthrough in Science may very well have been on display during this 3 day event!

Entrance Dates: September through May

Application Deadlines: No Deadline

Application Fee: $200 (non-refundable)

Full Year Tuition Fee: $12,000

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $7,000

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: $100

Homestay Monthly Fee: $1,000

Annual Health Insurance Fee: included in tuition

Annual Custodianship Fee: $200

All funds are in Canadian dollars

General Inquiries Email: isp@swlauriersb.qc.ca

Website: swlauriersb.qc.ca/?page=isp

Mailing Address: 235 Montee Lesage

City: Rosemere

Province: Quebec

Postal Code: J7A 4Y6

Phone: 450-621-5600 ext. 1426

Fax: 450-621-7929

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