New Brunswick International Student Program

The New Brunswick International Student Program (NBISP) welcomes students between the ages of 11 and 18 from all points of the globe. Our English school system offers an impressive variety of programs and up-to-date classroom technology. The NBISP is managed through Atlantic Education International Inc. AEI was created in 1997 by the province of New Brunswick to deliver real education opportunities to the world community through the Department of Education.

Visiting students live with a host family, attend classes with New Brunswick students and participate in extra-curricular and community activities. Fully immersed in the English language, international students develop their language skills and create new and lasting friendships.

New Brunswick communities offer a safe, friendly and healthy learning environment. The cost of living is lower than most other areas of the country, and tuition fees are competitive without sacrificing quality of education. We also have the best high school graduation rate in Canada. As the country’s only officially bilingual province (English and French), we’ve built a dynamic world-class reputation for language learning.

Since 1998, over 6000 students have participated in Atlantic Education International’s study abroad programs in New Brunswick. Host schools, families and communities from every corner of the province look forward to sharing their warm hospitality with all future participants!

Program Established: 1995

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Short Term

Language(s) of Study: English/French Immersion

Total number of schools: 321

High schools for international students: 40

Total Students: 90,000

Total International Students: 800+

International Students Accepted for Grades: 6-12

Nearest Airport: Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John

We are the largest of Canada’s East Coast provinces, but small enough to offer the best of all possible worlds. We have fresh air and magnificent wilderness landscapes. Our communities are safe and our people are open and accepting. Our seasons offer a rich panorama of color and change with outdoor and indoor activities to satisfy every interest. Our ethnic diversity reflects the best of Acadian, Gaelic, Chinese, African and other cultures to create a colorful tapestry of world community.

New Brunswick opens its arms and brings students into its families with the Homestay Program. Host families from around the province welcome students from abroad into their homes – not as foreign students, but as members of their families – and surround them with a safe, caring and supportive environment to deepen their cultural experience.

Trained Homestay coordinators carefully screen host families to ensure a perfect fit in homes where students will engage in family activities and grow lifetime relationships. These coordinators will always be on-hand with support to both students and the families, and take an active role in the students’ academic and social lives.

Students can participate in extra curricular activities offered at the schools such as basketball, hockey, volleyball, football, soccer, rugby, wrestling, drama, choir, etc. or they can join community clubs and participate in activities such as dancing, fencing, swimming, skating, etc.

Entrance Dates: September & February

Application Deadlines: November 1 & April 15

Application Fee: $500 & Orientation Fee $200

Full Year Tuition Fee: $10,000

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $5,500

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: 0

Homestay Annual Fee: $9,100

Annual Health Insurance Fee: $800

Annual Custodianship Fee: no charge

All funds are in Canadian dollars

Prices are subject to change, please confirm fees during the application process.

General Inquiries Email: Christina.campbell@gnb.ca

Website: www.nbisp.ca

Mailing Address: 565 Priestman Street, Suite 301

City: Fredericton

Province: New Brunswick

Postal Code: E3B 5X8

Phone: 506-453-8300

FAX: 506-453-5894


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