Mountain View School Division

Mountain View School Division’s International Student Program invites highly motivated and open-minded students to have an experience and education that will change their lives! 

Located in Manitoba’s scenic Parkland Region, students will appreciate the safety and natural beauty that come with living in one of our seven welcoming communities. 

Our innovative classrooms, caring teachers and dedicated International Student Program staff ensure that students reach their full potential. Whether students are looking for a cultural experience, to improve their English fluency or to graduate with a Canadian diploma the International Student Program staff will work closely with each to student to make certain they meet their goals.

Students will have a memorable experience living with one of our carefully selected homestay families.  They will immediately feel at home and enjoy taking part in family outings, interacting in English and living a new culture.

Mountain View School Division invites you to enjoy a premier education in one of our dynamic schools and an unforgettable experience in our welcoming communities.

Program Established: 2006

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester

Specialized Programs: French Immersion, Advanced Placement, Vocational Programming, Sports, Fine Arts

Language(s) of Study: English, French

Total number of schools: 16

High schools for international students: 6

Total Students: 3107

Total International Students: 76

International Students Accepted for Grades: 5-12

Nearest Airport: Winnipeg International Airport

Mountain View School Division is located in the heart of the Manitoba prairies. Here one can find pristine lakes, refreshing streams, rolling grasslands and sprawling forests. The division is nestled between two prairie mountain ranges – the Riding Mountains to the south and the Duck Mountains to the north.  Mountain View School Division is home to sixteen schools located in seven separate communities: Dauphin, Roblin, Winnipegosis, Grandview, Gilbert Plains, Ethelbert, and Ochre River.

The Mountain View School Division office is located in Dauphin, Manitoba; 320 km northwest of the province’s capital city, Winnipeg. Mountain View School Division staff will meet students at the Winnipeg International Airport and transport them to their new community and homestay family.  Our students are always so delighted they travelled the extra distance to come to Mountain View School Division.

Mountain View School Division has a homestay program.  Students are placed in safe, friendly, positive home environments and treated like a member of the family.  They also receive the benefits of interacting in English, receiving support from their homestay family and taking part in family outings.  Of course, students have their own bedroom, internet access and receive 3 meals a day.

Mountain View School Division has two homestay managers that carefully select trusted and respected families from our communities. The homestay managers work hard to make sure that student enjoys their stay in their chosen home, through regular communication with the students and their homestay families.

We believe that a student’s experience in Canada is very important.  Our international student program provides international students a very special activity once a month.  This activity is included in the tuition fee so students do not have to pay for these memorable activities.  Activities in the past have included such things as horseback riding, skiing, ice fishing, canoeing, etc.  In addition, students participate in many outings and activities with their homestay families.  They will have so many unforgettable experiences while at Mountain View School Division.

Students are encouraged and supported to get involved with school athletics, clubs and student groups.  Additionaly, the program helps students get involved in volunteer programs within their communities.

Entrance Dates: September & February

Application Deadlines: May 15th & November 30th

Application Fee: $200 non-refundable

Full Year Tuition Fee: $12,000

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $6,000

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: waived

Homestay Monthly Fee: $900

Annual Health Insurance Fee: $600 for 10 month program, $300 for 5-month program

Annual Custodianship Fee: waived

All funds are in Canadian dollars

General Inquiries Email: isp@mvsd.ca

Website: isp.mvsd.ca

Mailing Address: Box 715

City: Dauphin

Province: Manitoba

Postal Code: R7N 3B3

Phone: (204) 638-3001

Fax: (204) 638-7250

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