Golden Hills School Division is located 25 minutes east of the beautiful city of Calgary in the province of Alberta, Canada. We value our diverse environments and the safe communities we are part of that are rich with culture and exceptional learning opportunities for international students.
Many of the Golden Hills schools are amongst the best in Alberta, offering an outstanding Alberta education curriculum that is ranked amongst the best in the world and taught by outstanding Alberta government certified teachers. We also have one of the smaller student/teacher ratios in the province of Alberta. Our schools offer: high level academic study; English as a Second Language (ESL) classes (Alberta Benchmarks); and a wide variety of other opportunities in the areas of career and technology studies, the arts, and sports. Golden Hills also has three Christian schools and online learning.
Golden Hills is the only public school division in Canada that offers dormitory facilities as well as a homestay program. Our dormitory leaders and homestay parents nurture and encourage students, while making their residence both a place they can call home and a sanctuary where they can relax and study. Our Accommodations Coordinators are always available to help and support our students, their parents, and homestay families.
Golden Hills is a place where students experience success and growth with an education that will give them endless possibilities for their future.