Delta School District

Delta School District has 7 Secondary Schools and 24 Elementary Schools and is located only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver.  Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Fraser River, Delta’s location takes prime advantage of the beautiful BC environment, a safe and family oriented community and convenience to many areas of Vancouver.  
Delta offers strong educational programming with ESL available in all schools.  Our Graduation rates are consistently in the Top 5 in the province.  French Immersion, Advanced Placement (AP) and both Elementary and Secondary International Baccalaureate (IB) are offered.  For Elementary students, there are also Traditional Schools with uniforms.  Delta offers Film Acting, Production and Visual Effects Academies taught by local professionals in the movie industry.  A wide variety of electives, sports and clubs are offered in all of Delta’s well-equipped and appointed Secondary Schools.
Delta School District runs its own Homestay and Custodianship program and prides itself in our superior support for students in our care.  We also have student support staff who speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.  Delta welcomes students from over 35 countries to our program. www.GoDelta.ca

Program Established: 1995

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Short Term, Summer Camp

Specialized Programs: French Immersion, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Sports, Fine Arts, Film Acting, Film Production and Film Visual Effects.

Language(s) of Study: English, French

Total number of schools: 31

High schools for international students: 7

Total Students: 16,000

Total International Students: 650

International Students Accepted for Grades: K-12

Nearest Airport: Vancouver International Airport

Delta is located 30 minutes from Vancouver, 20 minutes from the airport, and touches the USA border. Surrounded by water on three sides, Delta has beautiful beaches and natural environments. Delta has three communities (Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta). Delta has numerous golf courses and many kayaking and other boating opportunities on the river and bays surrounding the city. Some international students have obtained their pilot licenses at the local Boundary Bay Airport and Training facility. Others enjoy horseback riding and mountain biking through our parks. Just minutes from the USA border, international students often join their host families for a quick trip to the US for shopping and camping or exploring. Delta is an extremely safe residential community with one of the lowest crime rates in the whole Vancouver area. Delta residents enjoy a high quality of life with well kept modern homes and incomes 30% higher than the Canadian average. The residents are mostly college and university educated. Most enjoy an active lifestyle and are open minded and globally conscious.



Although families are always welcome to find private homestay arrangements or travel with their children to Canada, the majority of Delta’s International Students stay in our homestay program which is run by Delta staff providing 24 hour direct care to students.  Each of our four Homestay Coordinators and our Homestay Manager are all Delta residents.  We have a 24 support for students and host families and we maintain a close and strong relationship with our host families as well.  
All homes have been visited and inspected by our Homestay Staff and family members are required to have a criminal record check.  All students have private rooms, internet access and modern amenities.  We encourage homestays to help their students to join local community centres (which they can access free of charge in Delta) and clubs and become actively involved in all of the Canadian family experiences in their host family including camping, boating, ski trips, backyard barbeques, etc.  We stress that it is important for every student to feel comfortable in their home and like a valued family member.  Moves, when and if they are required, are conducted professionally and quickly and at no extra charge to the student.
Delta School District runs a monthly sightseeing activity program for International Students which includes activities such as a Day Camp experience, a Halloween-themed amusement park visit, a Vancouver Canucks hockey game, ski excursions, a trip to the capital city of Victoria, a three night trip to the Rocky Mountains and many more.  As well, Delta offers a multi-day orientation for September arrivals and orientation activities for students arriving in other months of the year as well.  In November, a Post-Secondary Fair is offered for our students on a graduation path so they can be fully prepared by the time they are in Grade 12 for their University options.
Delta has a Film Acting, Film Production and Visual Effects academy for students interested in movie making.  These programs are taught by local professionals who work in the movie making industry here in Vancouver. Classes are offered in a range of subjects including Dance, Film, Robotics and Engineering and more. 
All schools have sports teams which include sports such as Badminton, Basketball, Running and Athletics (Track and Field), Field Hockey, American Football, Gymnastics, Golf, Lacrosse, Rugby, Rowing, Soccer, Skiing and Snowboarding, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball and Ultimate.  Other activities are available in the community as well and our program staff is happy to help direct students to community opportunities in sports and activities they would like to participate in.
Each school has a variety of clubs as well, ranging from clubs with a focus on community service, Model United Nations, the environment, social and cultural programs, artistic programs and special interest groups.

Entrance Dates: Continuous entry

Application Deadlines: No deadline

Application Fee: $200

Full Year Tuition Fee: $15,900

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $7,950

Annual Homestay Management Fee: $500

Homestay Monthly Fee: $1,100

Annual Health Insurance Fee: included in the tuition fee

Annual Custodianship Fee: $200

Airport Pick up: Free for homestay students

Orientation Fee (new students in September ONLY): $250

All funds are in Canadian dollars

General Inquiries Email: study@GoDelta.ca

Website: www.godelta.ca/

Mailing Address: 4585 Harvest Drive

City: Delta

Province: British Columbia

Postal Code: V4K 5B4

Phone: 604-952-5366

Fax: 604-952-5383

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