Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvel

The Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario (CSCNO) offers a French Catholic Educational Program that is widely recognized for its excellence. The CSCNO provides services in the communities of Greater Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. Located in Northern Ontario, our schools are only a few hours’ drive from the major urban centres of Toronto and Ottawa. 

The graduation rate of CSCNO students is the highest among all school boards operating in the districts of Sudbury, Manitoulin and Algoma. In 2015, 92% of its students earned their worldwide recognized diploma in less than five years, while 89% graduated in four years. This rate exceeds the provincial average.

A variety of programs such as Specialist High Skills Majors in Health and Wellness; Justice, Community Safety and Emergency Services; Sports; Business, Mining and Manufacturing are offered at CSCNO secondary schools. 
In the Greater Sudbury area, students have access to four French-language Catholic secondary schools. With many activities and services in the region offered in both English and in French, students have an opportunity to gain a superior level of bilingualism. Our quality high schools provide students with opportunities for them to acquire relevant knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the post-secondary destinations they may choose.

Program Established: 2016

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Summer program

Language(s) of Study: French

International Students Accepted for Grades: 9-12

Nearest Airport: Greater Sudbury Airport (YSB)

The CSCNO is located at the centre of a bustling and fully engaged Francophone community. Our schools benefit from the continued support and vitality of many French-language and bilingual institutions, organizations and associations that are active in promoting growth and development of the French language and francophone culture. The region served by the CSCNO stands out across the country as having one of the highest levels of bilingualism outside of Québec.

With a population of 160,000, Greater Sudbury is Northern Ontario’s largest municipality and is an economic, cultural, educational and entertainment hub. Sudbury’s multicultural and multilingual fabric makes us a global community. Many groups hold festivals and special events in celebration of their own rich cultural heritage. Last year, Greater Sudbury was named Canada’s happiest city, reflecting the friendliness and warmth of its citizens.

The community of Greater Sudbury is also well known for its outdoor activities. With some 330 lakes in the city, students are offered great summer and winter outdoor recreational and health-focussed opportunities. The city is located in Northern Ontario and students can benefit from mild fall and spring weather, and can enjoy snowy winters. CSCNO students can enjoy cold season activities such as skating, hockey and ice fishing, which are all part of the Canadian lifestyle.

The CSCNO has partnered with Canada Homestay Network (CHN) to help international students find a home away from home. Since 1995, the company has earned the industry’s best reputation for client satisfaction. CHN works in more than 40 communities in Canada, from coast to coast, including small towns in beautiful rural areas and every major city in Canada. Their service is the most comprehensive and reliable in Canada and tailored to meet student needs. Their combined experience of matching tens of thousands of students over the last 15 years has helped CHN to earn a reputation for excellence and professionalism and the highest professional standards in the industry.

CHN arranges personalized matches between students and their Canadian host family based on their backgrounds, interests, lifestyles, and educational goals. For example, considerations for food preferences, hobbies, and pets are taken into consideration when arranging a match. All homestay families are also within a close distance to the selected schools. CHN carefully conducts personal interviews on all host families and requires personal references and thorough background checks, and conducts regular home inspections to ensure that international students are comfortable and happy with their accommodations. Providing quality homestay is a priority for the Sudbury Catholic School Board in order to ensure that students feel welcome and secure during their Canadian educational experience.

Students in CSCNO secondary schools have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of after school clubs activities and sports. Located in a very bilingual and multicultural community, students can also take part in a variety of cultural activities and join music, drama clubs or the school band. In addition, Francophone cultural awareness activities are provided each year. These activities enable students to build links within the local Francophone community and across the province of Ontario.

Sports remain an important element in our secondary schools where students have the opportunity to compete in various sports. Many teams and athletes quality to compete at the provincial and even national level. The following team sports are available in most schools: volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, American football and soccer. Students also have the opportunity to compete in individual sports such as athletics, wrestling, cross country running, badminton, tennis, golf, downhill and Nordic skiing.

Schools also encourage students to take part in other types of activities that help them become more responsible and active citizens. These generally include the student parliament, ecological clubs, debating club, Me to We – Free the Children, chess club, student radio and yearbook club.

Entrance Dates: September & February

Application Deadlines: Nov. 30 & May 1

Application Fee: $250

Full Year Tuition Fee: $11,000

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $5,500

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: $450

Homestay Monthly Fee: $850

Annual Health Insurance Fee: $820

Annual Custodianship Fee: $500


All funds are in Canadian dollars

General Inquiries Email: international@nouvelon.ca

Website: international.nouvelon.ca/

Mailing Address: 201 rue Jogues

City: Sudbury

Province: ON

Postal Code: P3C 5L7

Phone: 705-673-5626

Fax: 705-669-1270