Chilliwack School District

Our schools offer complete and modern facilities with cutting edge computer and science labs, theatres, industrial chef training kitchens, full gymnasiums, weight/fitness rooms, numerous outdoor sports fields, tennis courts, tracks, and other specialized facilities. We offer a comprehensive curriculum ranging from core academic classes to a myriad of electives. For the highly academic student who wishes to be challenged and obtain first year university credits while in high school, we offer a robust Advanced Placement (AP) program in our Secondary Schools.

The list of available elective courses are too numerous to mention but include interesting and sometimes unique classes such as Entrepreneurship, Computer Animation, Video Game Development, Web Design, Cisco, First Nations Studies, Drama, Film, and Television, Theatre Production, Vocal Jazz, Guitar, Music Composition, Automotive Technology, Strength and Conditioning, Sustainable Resources Agriculture, Marketing, Carpentry and Joinery, Sports Medicine, Culinary Arts Cook Training, Japanese, Halq̓eméylem, and many Career Prep Work Experience Programs. We also offer Outdoor Education, Ice Hockey, Baseball, and Equestrian Programs for students wanting to focus in one of these areas.

Program Established: 1995

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Short Term

Specialized Programs: French Immersion, Advanced Placement, Sports Academies, Trades Program, School of Film, Integrated Arts and Technology, Outdoor Education, Equestrian Program, Canine Foundations Program

Language(s) of Study: English, French

Total number of schools: 31

High schools for international students: 4

Total Students: 14,500

Total International Students: 170

International Students Accepted for Grades: K – 12 accepted into the International Student Program. Grades 9 – 12 accepted into the homestay component of our Program.

Nearest Airport: Abbotsford (30 minutes) Vancouver (80 – 90 minutes)

Chilliwack is a friendly, vibrant, and rapidly growing community of 100,000 people on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It enjoys the warmest year-round climate of any city in Canada and has a magnificent setting in the Fraser Valley surrounded by stunning mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. Not large enough to have to deal with the many big city challenges and distractions for students, but large enough to offer a full range of shopping, dining, and recreational facilities, and opportunities. Furthermore, the big city attractions of cosmopolitan Vancouver are just one hour away by car and are easily visited on weekend excursions.

There are endless recreational opportunities available at Chilliwack’s three glacier-fed lakes, streams, waterfalls, hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails which are all only minutes from any point in the community. It’s also the location of world-class salmon fishing in its two rivers, as well as eleven golf courses, four skating rinks, numerous tennis courts, Whitewater rafting, and five ski resorts all within one and a half hours of the city.

Chilliwack also has a rich cultural history and there are numerous live performances and exhibits at our local university and Arts Centre. Furthermore, we are situated only 20 minutes from the United States border and just one hour by car from the Pacific Ocean, making for endless recreational opportunities. All this, coupled with a population that is comprised of almost 98% native English speakers, makes for a wonderful place to perfect your English, excel in school, play, and make new friends.

Chilliwack School District manages its own Homestay Program and does not contract out its homestay to any private service providers. Homestay is a very important component of our Program — just as important to us as the school side of the Program. There is no better way for international students to learn about the ways and lifestyles of Canadians, to learn and use English speaking skills, and to form close friendships than in a homestay. English language acquisition is further enhanced because nearly 100% of our homestay families are native English speakers and those very few that aren’t, have lived in Canada for much of their lives.

We have a full-time Homestay Coordinator who is always available to meet the needs of our students and has regular contact with both the students and their homestay families. Homestay families are carefully screened, chosen, and supervised to ensure the comfort and well-being of our international students. Every effort is made to match the individual needs of each student with the homestay family that can meet those needs.

Too numerous to list, our schools offer a plethora of sports teams and clubs that allow our students to find and follow their passions. Furthermore, there are many community organizations that international students may join. These include martial arts, swimming, dance, ice hockey, American football, and baseball, to name a few.

For the musically inclined, our award-winning music programs operate in a linear format in order to give our students the time to perfect their musical skills. In addition to Choir, Orchestra, Jazz Band, and Concert Band, unique programs such as Music Composition and Recording Arts, Dixieland Jazz, Guitar, Rock Band, Pep Band, and Drumline are available at our schools.

In addition to school wide events such as school spirit events, dances, assemblies, and Graduation ceremonies, our International School Coordinators organize several activities and fun educational and cultural field trips. International students are also invited to participate in a variety of field trips; from a day exploring beautiful Vancouver, to multi day trips surfing in magical Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Entrance Dates: September and February are the best entry points but may accept entry at other times of the year

Application Deadlines: June 1st and December 1st 

Application Fee: $300

Full Year Tuition Fee: $16,500

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $8,750

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: $450

Homestay Monthly Fee: $1050/month plus $35/extra night

All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Prices are subject to change, please confirm fees during the application process

General Inquiries Email: chilliwackisp@sd33.bc.ca

Website: isp.sd33.bc.ca

Mailing Address: 8430 Cessna Drive

City: Chilliwack

Province: BC

Postal Code: V2P 7J4

Phone: 604-792-1321



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