Buffalo Trails School Division

We are proud to be situated in the province of Alberta, in our unique location in the Canadian prairies. It is here that we offer so much more than other locations around the world like… 4 seasons, prairie and parkland settings, small communities and memorable experiences for newcomers. All of which can be inspiring, breathtaking and life-changing. 

Buffalo Trail Public Schools offers international students the opportunity to study alongside local Canadian students in its junior and high schools. Most international students come to graduate and earn an Alberta High School Diploma, their entry to top universities in Canada and North America. We also offer a short term Canadian high school experience program of 5 or 10 months. 

Buffalo Trail Public Schools is proud of its strength in academic programming and achievements. Over the past several years, BTPS has had one of the highest percentages of student high school graduation rates in the province.  The division is also recognized for having one of the highest student transition to post-secondary rates in the province. BTPS students excel in sports, fine arts, band, trade apprenticeships as well in their academic studies.   

Schools have the finest in facilities – science, computer and industrial technology labs, libraries, theatres, media studios, art studios, dance studios, gymnasiums, TV and sound recording studios and cafeterias.  We also partner closely with our post-secondary institutions to offer dual-credit options for students who want to pursue post-secondary training in high school.  

Schools offer excellent support for their international students, as does the Buffalo Trail Public School District. ESL programming gives international students the help they need to be successful.

When it comes to small towns, it’s often the people who make the place special. We hope to meet you soon.

Program Established:  2019

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, 2+ years to support graduation

Language(s) of Study: English and/or French

Total number of schools:  28

High schools for international students:  13

Total Students in District/Board:  4000

Total International Students:  5

International Students Accepted for Grades:  7-12

Nearest Airport:  Edmonton

Buffalo Trail Public School Division is very large and diverse and stretches across 14 250 square kilometres in East-Central Alberta. We are two hours east of Edmonton.  

We are a rural school division that features many distinct communities. Our communities range in size from towns of 100 to 10,000 people. International Students can study in 13 schools across our division.  Each school location offers a diverse community that provides a variety of activities and attractions including beautiful parks, grain farming, western ranching, wildlife sanctuaries, rodeo events, Hutterite Colonies, connection to our First Nation and Metis Communities and more. 

Our rural communities are small, safe and friendly. Students either walk to school, ride their bikes, or take school buses. Our district offers international students the opportunity to experience rural living with several options from living on a farm, or in a small rural town, or in a prairie community.  Check out our website for more information about us: http://international.btps.ca


Students requiring homestays are placed with carefully-selected host families that closely match the student’s homestay profile. All of our homestays are safe, clean, pre-screened Canadian family homes. Each homestay family must undergo a screening check which included Police security checks, visits to the home by the homestay coordinator and interviews with Homestay coordinator. Placements are supervised and supported by a designated Homestay Coordinator that regularly checks with each student and homestay parent.

Our host families are an integral part of the International Student Program in Buffalo Trail School Division. Their active and enthusiastic participation in our program enhances each student’s cultural experience and ensures they maximize their time in Canada. Families undergo an orientation prior to the arrival of the students to ensure they understand the culture and needs of the students. Bussing is provided from the homestay home to the school the student is attending.

When students attend Buffalo Trail School Division they will find the families they stay with will accept them as family members and are eager to meet them and share our province with the student. Check out our website for more information about homestay placements: http://international.btps.ca

Students attending Buffalo Trail School Division will have an opportunity to participate in all the regular school sports. These include Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Baseball, Golf, Football, Rodeo, Rugby, Track and Field, and numerous other sports. In addition to school activities, the local area offers amazing opportunities to participate in numerous outdoor activities. Within the boundaries of the school division, we have a Nordic ski club, 4-H (and other community clubs) and countless miles of area to hike and explore. Students are invited to attend events that are sponsored by the school division.  The BTPS International Student Program sponsors a wide variety of activities, events and trips designed to maximize each student’s cultural and recreational experience.

BTPS International Student Program offers students that are looking to enhance their academic year with an exciting outdoor lifestyle and experiences the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Entrance Dates:  September 1 & February 1

Application Deadlines:  May 15 & November 15

Application Fee:  $250.00

Full Year Tuition Fee:  $11,100

1 Semester Tuition Fee:  $5550

Annual Homestay Placement Fee:  $500.00 for new students, $250.00 for returning students

Homestay Monthly Fee: $1000.00

Annual Health Insurance Fee:  Full Year 600/ $350.00 for one semester (mandatory)

Annual Custodianship Fee:  0.00

Activities Fee:  $400.00 for one School Year/ $200.00 for one semester

Transportation to School: $0.00

All Funds are based in Canadian Dollars

General Inquiries Email:  internationalstudent@btps.ca

Website:  international.btps.ca

Mailing Address: 1041 – 10A Street

City:  Wainwright AB

Province:  Alberta

Postal Code:  T9W 2R4

Phone:  780-842-6144

Fax:  780-842-3255

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