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Nova Scotia International Student Program'

The Nova Scotia International Student Program offers high school education to students around the world. Single semester and/or full year programs are available in over 75 junior and senior high schools. The Nova Scotia school year starts in September and runs for ten months ending in June. Students are accepted from grades 7-12 (12-18 years old). International students can start their program in either September or February. Major school breaks are in December, March, and the summer holidays (late June to early September).High schools located in all seven English-speaking Regional Centres for Education and our francophone School Board (Conseil scolaire acadien provincial) accept international students. These schools are located throughout the province in both small and large communities. Students are matched with local families at their new schools. This is an ideal way to "live the lifestyle" firsthand. Each student is made to feel a part of the host family and is included in all celebrations, outings and activities.Students enjoy a wide variety of activities focusing on the arts and sciences, languages, and computers. Students' studies and experiences prepare them to enter a Canadian or American university and succeed in the program of their choice. Courses are taught under the careful supervision of qualified teachers. All are certified professionals and many have graduate degrees in education.Students can choose from any number of extracurricular activities. Athletic pursuits include soccer, track and field, skiing, volleyball, and badminton. There are drama and music programs, student government, art and yearbook clubs.

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