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Winnipeg School Division'

 Winnipeg School Division is the largest and most diverse of the 6 school metro divisions in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With 78 schools, including 12 high schools, offering both English and French immersion experiences, Winnipeg has a history of graduating some of Canada’s most distinguished alumni, from Rhodes scholars, business leaders and famous philosophers to professional athletes, human rights activists and Grammy award winners. Winnipeg School Division is most proud of its exceptional teaching staff. The Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence honours exceptional elementary and secondary school teachers. This top honour is only awarded upon evidence of remarkable achievement and Winnipeg’s teachers have repeatedly earned these awards.Winnipeg offers not only traditional academic programming, including International Baccalaureate Program and Advanced Placement from grade 7 to 12, but also superior English language development instruction as well as many specialty programs. From performing arts to culinary arts, aviation and aerospace technology, applied commerce, medical professional programs and more, there is something for everyone at Winnipeg School Division!Beginning with application, through attendance and completion of studies, the International Education Program staff provides committed, caring student support. The Program arranges medical insurance, airport transportation, and orientation, as well as assistance with students’ course selection, school registration and tours. During their studies, the Program will arrange for educational support, transfer of credits and communication with the students’ agent, natural parents or guardians.Our educational mission is to help every student become engaged, confident, inspired, and successful. Our school communities have had tremendous success welcoming international students and newcomer families from all over the world. Winnipeg is not only an excellent, economical choice, but it is 100% committed to cultural diversity, equity and inclusion.“C’est si bon tout ensemble!” – “It’s better together!”

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St. James Assiniboia School Division'

St. James Assiniboia School Division aims to put students on the path to post secondary achievement and academic excellence. Our graduates are eligible and prepared for admission to universities and colleges in Canada, the U.S.A. and throughout the world. We have a track record of academic excellence. St. James-Assiniboia offers a low ratio of international to Canadian students in our schools.There is full integration of international students in classroom settings, complemented by ESL programming. ESL support is available at every school level to prepare international students for academic studies. St. James-Assiniboia offers a wide array of nationally and internationally recognized certificate and diploma programs. Students may complete their high school studies with the Academic Certificate, Advanced Academic Certificate, International Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificates, Advanced Placement Certificates, French Immersion Diploma, Technology Education Diploma and Performing Arts Program Diploma.Along with general high school instruction, we deliver an extensive range of optional and specialized studies, including computer science, computer applications, geography, history, mathematics and advanced mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, English, French, Spanish, visual arts, dance, drama/theatre arts, choral music, band, business education, home economics, technology, pre-engineering technology and social sciences. There is also a Hockey Academy and a Sports Academy.All schools in SJSD have modern learning facilities, including trades and technology equipment, theatres and performing arts equipment, fully equipped scientific laboratory areas, libraries with extensive print materials, study rooms, and computer laboratories. All schools have at least one gymnasium with a full range of athletic equipment and all high schools have weight room facilities.

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River East Transcona School Division'

High Standards – Academic and Extracurricular DistinctionWe prepare students for university studies worldwideClose links to prestigious national and foreign universitiesWorld-renowned music production technology program with the only state-of-the-art, high school music recording studio in the city of WinnipegA large number of our students consistently rank in the top 2% in various provincial, national & international physics and mathematics competitions. Excellence in Education - Unique Course and Program Study OpportunitiesA quality academic education with internationally-recognized diplomas and certificatesBeginner and advanced opportunities for training in Information Technology Examples of some of the specialized courses and programs we offer:Advanced PlacementMusic Production TechnologyDramatic Arts and Music Programs – Jazz, Band and Choir Visual CommunicationsWebsite Design and AnimationMulti-Media ProductionPhotographyFashion TechnologyMetals FabricationESL (English Second Language) Intensive ESL programs to enhance English language acquisition and overall fluency, included in the program of studies at no extra feeNo minimum English levels required to participate in our International Education Program. TOEFL preparation available

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Pembina Trails School Division'

Pembina Trails is pleased to consider applications for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The minimum age of students for our Homestay Program is 12 years. Students younger than 12 years of age must live with a parent or an immediate family member who will assume custodianship of them (please visit out website at www.pembinatrails.ca/isp to learn more about the conditions for students not participating in our Homestay Program). High school graduation is available to our international students and our diploma is recognized across Canada and around the world. Courses are available in the areas of English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, Science, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Education, Physical Education, Other Languages (French, Spanish and Japanese), Fine Arts (Dance, Theater, Music, Art, Video Production), Technology and Industrial Arts and much, much more. Specific programs like French Immersion, Advanced Placement, Program for Gifted Learners, Volleyball and Basketball Academies, the Hockey Academy at Shaftesbury High School and the Sports and Arts Program at Vincent Massey Collegiate, are also available to our international students. You are invited to visited our website at www.pembinatrails.ca/isp where you will gain access to each of our school's website and learn more about what each school has to offer.

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Mountain View School Division'

Mountain View School Division’s International Student Program invites highly motivated and open-minded students to have an experience and education that will change their lives! Located in Manitoba’s scenic Parkland Region, students will appreciate the safety and natural beauty that come with living in one of our seven welcoming communities. Our innovative classrooms, caring teachers and dedicated International Student Program staff ensure that students reach their full potential. Whether students are looking for a cultural experience, to improve their English fluency or to graduate with a Canadian diploma the International Student Program staff will work closely with each to student to make certain they meet their goals.Students will have a memorable experience living with one of our carefully selected homestay families.  They will immediately feel at home and enjoy taking part in family outings, interacting in English and living a new culture.Mountain View School Division invites you to enjoy a premier education in one of our dynamic schools and an unforgettable experience in our welcoming communities.

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Louis Riel School Division'

The Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) is a public school division that welcomes international students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to its community, and appreciates the diverse perspectives they bring to schools and classrooms. It offers excellent and affordable educational experiences for students of all ages, with complete immersion in English or French speaking environments. In addition to full year and semester programs, LRSD also offers continuous entry short-term studies for students who wish to audit, as well as an Accredited Summer Enrichment Program.The distinct programming provides students with meaningful and engaging experiences that foster personal, academic and social growth. Not only does LRSD offer a broad range of academic courses, but it also provides industry-led technical and vocational training with a proven track record for future employment and post-secondary education. Resources include comprehensive libraries, well-equipped computer facilities, science laboratories, theatres, gymnasiums, music/band rooms and practical arts facilities. Visit the International Student Program website at isp.lrsd.net to view a video of LRSD.LRSD strives to provide quality education in safe, supportive and inclusive learning environments. The caring and dedicated staff will arrange medical insurance, greet students upon arrival at the airport, inform students of course selection, organize school registration, provide orientation sessions, facilitate transition with “in-class” buddies prior to arrival, transfer out-of-province credits, monitor attendance, provide ongoing communication with students’ parents and guardians, arrange for students to write exams in their first language, assist students to prepare for TOEFL exams, arrange graduation transcripts, assist with scholarship applications and university registration, assist with preparation of immigration papers and coordinate homestays.LRSD facilitates a quality Homestay Program. Homestay families can provide excellent opportunities for international students to immerse themselves in Canadian culture, lifestyles and the English or French language. The Homestay Program is committed to ensuring that international students studying in the Division have access to homestay accommodation of the very highest standard.

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Lord Selkirk School Division'

  Lord Selkirk School Division offers a unique International Student Program in a small, safe city, with many great opportunities for community involvement and academic pursuits. The program operates out of the Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School -- one of the largest high schools in Manitoba, with approximately 1,200 students. The high school offers outstanding academic and vocational curricula with exceptional music programs, computer/business studies, advanced placement courses, and many athletic and artistic opportunities. There are over 200 courses to choose from, spanning a wide range of interests and needs.  The school’s modern facilities include state-of-the-art computer labs, a 300-seat theatre, an indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped fitness area, and indoor and outdoor track. ISP staff is available on-site, so students enjoy easy access to our support and services (including language and academic assistance, and advice on how to adjust to life in a Canadian homestay family). To help students use their English skills and have an authentic experience of Canadian life and culture, the ISP runs several events throughout the year and encourages students to get involved in school-based or community-based activities. Our program is a friendly, personal program that offers the complete package – academic, cultural and athletic opportunities, with a strong emphasis on education and personal growth. Students will experience great improvement in their English, along with life-long memories and friendships.

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