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Many major international airlines provide frequent (often direct) service to Canada.  There are also several other domestic airlines and ferry service that can provide transportation from one region of the country or a province to another.

In Canada vehicles are driven on the right hand side of the road and pedestrians have priority or ‘the right of way’.  Most cities and communities have bus systems that are easy and inexpensive to use.  Larger cities have subways or trains which are similarly inexpensive to ride.

Taxis are also commonly available but a more expensive method of transportation.  There are also many  ferries throughout Canada which transport people and/or vehicles across rivers, lakes and oceans.

Bike riding is also a great method of transportation but be sure to wear a helmet as it is mandatory for all ages.  Schools generally  have bikeracks for students to lock up their bikes during class times.

There is so much of Canada to explore – from lakes and oceans to mountains and wide open spaces.  Learn more about what there is to see and do throughout Canada by visiting Canadian Tourism website.