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CAPS-I member schools/programs are required to adhere to specific standards of practice around the care of support of international students.  International students have a very comprehensive network of caring and supportive individuals that are ready and willing to assist at all stages of their learning experience.

The care and support of international students begins even before they arrive in Canada.  This is facilitated by International Program staff and Homestay Coordinators and includes the application process as well as selection and preparation of the student’s host family and custodian.

Upon arrival in Canada, students will be welcomed and receive orientation information from International Program and/or school staff. The orientation process provides students with information pertaining to their new school, courses, host family, behavioural expectations, medical insurance, banking and opportunities to get involved in their new school community.

Students also typically participate in an English language assessment process which assists school staff in determining appropriate course selection for each student. International students are also well supported and cared for outside of the classroom and school community.

Most international students live with a Canadian host family.  However, some students will live with a family friend, relative or even a parent.  All students (unless perhaps living with a parent) will have a custodian to care for and support them though this may or may not be the same individual they live with while studying in Canada.  International Program staff and Homestay Coordinators are also available to assist international students whether it be a homestay-related or custodian concern, medical issue, study permit problem or even if it’s about an issue that has arisen at the school.  Staff want to ensure that each international student has the most enjoyable and beneficial experience possible while living and studying in Canada.

Unfortunately all study programs whether short or long term, must eventually come to an end and international students return home or move onto further their studies at the post-secondary level.  International program, homestay and school staff also assist students through this departure and transition process.

All of the people involved in the students ‘circle of care and support’ are also of course available to answer any questions from the parents of the international students as well.  Parents of international students are encouraged to remain informed and in contact throughout their child’s study program.