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Living with a host family provides an excellent opportunity for international students to develop conversational English skills and experience life as part of a typical Canadian family.

CAPS-I member homestay programs will provide a carefully selected Canadian host family including:

  • a warm, welcoming and friendly living environment
  • parenting, support and guidance
  • a furnished private bedroom
  • a study area
  • 3 meals per day and snacks
  • an introduction to the community

All CAPS-I programs adhere to prescribed practices to ensure that their host families are carefully and appropriately screened before they are selected into the program to ensure they are:

  • friendly and caring
  • English-speaking (primary language spoken in the home)
  • able to successfully pass a criminal record check with the local police department
  • able to successfully complete a reference check process
  • willing to welcome an international student into their family
  • willing to include the student in their family and community activities
  • interested in learning about other cultures & customs

Advantages of living in a CAPS-I homestay environment:

CAPS-I programs adhere to specific standards of practice related to the monitoring and support provided to students in homestay and host families.

Students will:

  • receive an enriching cultural experience
  • achieve personal and academic success by living in a comfortable and supportive environment
  • practice speaking and learn English every day with family and friends
  • participate in the everyday activities of the host family
  • learn about Canadian lifestyle and culture
  • establish many new and long-lasting friendships

Students wanting to live with a Canadian host family must complete an application form.  It is important for the student to provide information about themselves, their interests, hobbies, food and other preferences.  All educational programs try their best to match students with families who have similar interests and preferences. Homestay program coordinators offer support and assistance to international students throughout their stay in Canada.