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It’s normal to care deeply about your child’s safety, especially if they are preparing to study and live abroad for the first time. It’s often at the top of a parent’s mind when they make choices for their child’s activities, schooling, and future. Fortunately, when you send your child to school in Canada, you can rest assured that it’s at the top of the minds of teachers, staff, and homestay families as well.

The Global Peace Index ranks Canada as the 6th most peaceful country in the world, and our public schools reflect the safe environment we are so fortunate to have. Our schools are places where children can feel at home and confident in their environment, free to seek support when needed. Continue reading to learn more about how your child’s safety is looked after in Canada!

Homestay Families Are Carefully Selected for Children who Study in Canada

When international students stay with homestay families, the selection process promotes safety and security. Families are carefully selected and represent the safe, caring environment that Canada’s public schools are known for. Homestay supervisors, custodians, and program coordinators are involved with international students and check in on their personal safety and wellbeing regularly.

It is our belief that “ongoing support is essential to maximize success for international students in schools and homestays,” which is an important part of our mandate. This means that your child won’t feel they have been left behind or are on their own. Not only are homestay families carefully vetted, but they provide a safe and welcoming presence for students. When your child travels to study at Canadian high school or elementary school, they will be surrounded by kind, caring people who care deeply about their wellbeing.

Canadian Public Schools Are Able to Protect the Health and Safety of Students

While emergency situations are rare events, Canadian public schools are prepared to help students in unexpected situations. If students are sick or injured, they will be able to rely on health care or medical insurance from their program. If they have to go to see a doctor or make a hospital visit, this will be covered by their plan.

Emergency plans and procedures are also in place within Canada’s education system. Specific training for emergencies at schools prepares for cooperation between first responders and partners if ever the need should arise. Staff training, tip reporting, and incident management at schools keep students happy and healthy, and prepares schools for dealing quickly with accidents or injuries.

When students know they are safe at school, they can focus on their classes and making new friends

When students know they are safe at school, they can focus on their classes and making new friends

When Your Child Applies to a School in Canada, They Will Find Mental Wellness Support

We understand that personal safety goes beyond physical security. The mental health and wellness of public school students in Canada is also important. Children spend a large part of their day at school, so this is the perfect environment for them to feel they can be supported in adjusting to life in Canada. Issues like bully prevention and mutual respect are strong themes in our public schools and also promote a sense of safety and comfort for students. With the support of dedicated staff and teachers, students can address their concerns and know that help is available to them. When you send your child to study in Canada, your concerns about their mental wellbeing can be calmed by the warm and accepting atmosphere they will be immersed in.

Your child can feel they have teachers they can talk to about their concerns

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