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An increasing number of students from all over the world are choosing to study at public high schools in Canada because of the high quality of our education system and safe and tolerant society.

Graduating from a Canadian high school puts students in a good position for further education. Students will have better access to top universities and colleges. They will also learn crucial skills that will help them to succeed in their future studies and beyond.

Find out how attending a Canadian public school can help prepare your child for success at university.

Students Can Improve Their Language Skills with a Canadian Secondary School Education

Canada is unique in North America because students can choose to study in French, English, or in both languages. At Canadian public schools, there is a widespread availability of English Language Leaner (ELL) and French Language Learner (FLL) services, meaning that students can receive support as they adjust to studying in Canada.

Canadian high school education

Canadian public schools offer ELL and FLL services to students

Speaking more than one language can provide many benefits to students as they apply to and begin their studies at university. Firstly, they will have more options to choose from, as they could choose to study at a Francophone or Anglophone university anywhere in the world. In addition, studies have shown that being multilingual offers many cognitive advantages, including greater empathy, mental flexibility, and better concentration. For students preparing for university, these benefits can be especially helpful.

Canadian High School Diplomas Are Internationally Recognized

A Canadian high school diploma is recognized by universities and colleges across the world. The Canadian secondary school education system is known to be of high quality, rigorous, and fair. This means that if students want to pursue post-secondary education in another country, they may not need to take any additional tests. For example, most universities in the UK accept candidates with a Canadian secondary school diploma with at least 5 grade 12 courses.

As well as this, a number of Canadian public schools offer globally recognized programs such as International Baccalaureate.

A High-Quality Education with Engaged Teachers and Access to Modern Technology

Canada spends more on education per capita than any other country in the G8, and this is evident in the high-quality teaching standards and educational technology and materials found in its public schools.

At public international high schools in Canada, student learning is enhanced and supported by the latest in technology, equipment and resources. This access to leading edge resources means that students will have the opportunity to develop digital skills and feel supported in their studies.

Canadian public schools offer an engaged, learner-centered approach to education. This helps foster a positive learning experience, tailored to student-specific needs which encourages students to keep learning throughout life as they progress to university and beyond.

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