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Lambton Kent District School Board'

The Lambton Kent District School Board is funded and regulated by the Government of Ontario providing students with qualified and certified teachers in all grades and at all levels. Our District has a reputation for providing comprehensive, high quality and innovative full time academic programs to international students from around the world in a safe and welcoming environment. Students enrolling in our District will be fully integrated with age appropriate Canadian students in traditional classroom environments that feature high quality science labs, specialty rooms such as computer labs, art rooms, drama rooms, music rooms and well-equipped gymnasiums. In additional to a having access to a wide array of compulsory and elective academic courses, students will, when necessary, receive instruction and support in state of the art ESL classes using the latest technology available.  With 99+% of our student population native English speakers, we are ideally suited to provide visiting students with total immersion in English in our schools, in our community and with their home stay families. This environment is clearly beneficial to students hoping to acquire the language skills necessary to enhance their prospect of accessing the best colleges and universities in Canada and across North America. 

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