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English Montreal School Board'

The English Montreal School Board (EMSB), which is located on the island of Montreal, is the largest public English School Board in the Province of Quebec. The EMSB currently has 33 elementary schools (pre-kindergarten to grade 6, and 16 high schools, secondary I-V (grades 7-11) serving approximately 35,000 students.Academics, along with an enriched learning experience, partnered with several French language options are offered in our elementary and high schools. For the student that wants to master the English language our elementary schools offer the English Core stream of 220 minutes of English instruction and 90 minutes of French instruction per day. For the student who is striving to master the French language our immersion program has been proven to be very successful. The first 3 years of learning is completely taught in French, and the last four years are 50% English and 50% French. Our high schools also offer 2 programs. In the English Core program students receive their instruction in English with the exception of one course in French as a second language. In the French Immersion program secondary I, II, and III (grades 7-9) have extended French programs which vary from 38% to 72% of French instruction. In secondary IV (grade 10), in addition to a French language course, students may take History in French, and in secondary V (grade 11), students follow French language courses only.

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