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CAPS-I is currently planning the following trade mission activities to provide our member schools with an opportunity to connect with agents in various markets either in-person or virtually.


Vietnam (In Person) - Feb 26 - March 1

South Korea (In Person) - March 27-28

Hong Kong & Southern China (In Person)- May 30-31

Fall 2023: Dates to be determined

France (In Person) France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Benelux

Japan (In Person)

Winter 2023:

Brazil (In Person)

Spring  2024:

Germany (In Person)

Bangladesh (Virtual) Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan

If you represent an agency in any of the above markets and would like to apply to participate in any of the above trade missions, please contact Bonnie McKie, Executive Director at info@caps-i.ca for more information.