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The Canada Course supports professional development for agents specializing in Canada as a study destination and is offered by the Canadian Association of Public Schools - International (CAPS-I), Languages Canada and ICEF.

The Canada Course provides education agents with:

  • An understanding of why Canada is one of the top study destinations in the world
  • An overview of the study options available in Canada, including examples of flexibility within the higher education system between programs and institutions
  • Information about how to apply to study, as well as costs and scholarships
  • Tips about how to best prepare for living and studying in Canada
  • Notification upon successful completion of an exam

The Canada Course provides the education agent with a general foundation in the education systems and processes in Canada as they apply to international students; for information on the rules and processes of specific education institutions in Canada, agents will have to conduct their own research and make direct contact. The Canada Course includes a helpful list of resources at the end of each section for the agent’s personal use.

The Canada Course is free and is delivered in a self-paced modular format.

The Canada Course is intended for education agents but is open to anyone who would like to register and gain access to the comprehensive content describing education options in Canada. A fee is only applied for education agents wishing to take the examination during announced exam dates.

All education agents should be aware of Citizenship and Immigration Canada Bill C-35.

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