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One of the best ways for international students to learn about Canadian culture and improve their English language skills is to stay with a host family. Homestay programs can help students gain more from their international studies. This is because through a homestay, students can gain a network of native English speakers to practice speaking with, as well as daily insight into Canadian culture, including its cuisine.

Read on to learn more about what homestays have to offer.

Host Families Are Carefully Selected and Matched with Students

All of our host families are carefully selected to ensure that students can stay in a warm, welcoming, and friendly living environment.

Before arriving, all students in international student programs must complete an application form listing their interests, hobbies, dietary requirements, and other details. Every effort is made to match families to students with shared interests, whether it be sports or theatre!

Students Can Improve English Language Skills Quickly with Homestay Programs in Canada

Many students choose to study in Canada to improve their English or French language skills. Living with a host family will help give your child more opportunity to improve their English or French language skills, as they will be immersed in the language.

Students who live with host families pick up the language much quicker than those who don’t. This is because living with native English or French speakers means that students develop an ‘ear’ for the language and practice their conversational skills on a regular basis.

Homestays Help Students Learn About Canadian Culture

Living with a Canadian homestay family can be a culturally enriching experience. Whether going to watch a sports game, or simply listening to the radio and watching Canadian TV shows, your child will have plenty of opportunity to learn more about Canadian culture.

Living with a host family provides many opportunities for embracing Canadian culture

Living with a host family provides many opportunities for embracing Canadian culture

Homestay families are also assessed on their willingness to include international students in family and community activities, and their interest and appreciation for learning about new cultures. By staying with a host family, your child will have the chance to enjoy many fun activities.

A Homestay Acts as a Home Away from Home

A child’s host family will be their home away from home while studying abroad. For many children, it might be their first time living away from family. It’s common to experience feelings of home sickness and staying with a host family can help combat this. In addition, all homestays will have working internet so that students can contact their family and friends to stay in touch while they study in Canada. International students truly become part of their ‘new’ family!

Student Safety Is a Priority

For Canadian public schools, child safety and welfare is a top priority. We understand that parents may be nervous about sending their child to live and study abroad. Fortunately, parents can feel safe in the knowledge that children in homestay programs in Canada have access to a wide support network, including international program staff, a homestay coordinator, their host family, and a custodian. These people will check in on a child’s personal safety and wellbeing regularly. As well as this, all homestay families go through a rigorous selection process and extensive background check, which includes a criminal record check and references. As a result, you can rest assured that your child will be looked after and supported during their stay.

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