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Looking to keep busy this summer?! Improve your language proficiency, learn a new skill or explore a potential career path while making new friends in a virtual summer program.

The following CAPS-I members, language schools and post-secondary institutions are offering virtual summer programs for ‘junior’ international students:


Language & Activity Programs:

Brock University


Embassy Summer

Grand Yellowhead Public School Division


Kaplan International Languages (EDT & PDT)

Lakehead University

Richmond School District

Tamwood (EDT  & PDT)

Thompson Rivers University

Trent University

University of Toronto Mississauga & CultureWorks


General English                                                                  English Through Subjects/Themes

Brock University                                                              Kaplan International Languages (EDT & PDT)

CES                                                                                 Oxford International

ILAC                                                                                University of Toronto Mississauga & CultureWorks

Kaplan International Languages (EDT & PDT)               Westfield

Oxford International                                                      Lakehead University

Trent University                                                              KPU Music Technology

University of Toronto Mississauga & CultureWorks


Career Exploration / Preparation


Stafford House/CATS


Trent University

University of Toronto Mississauga & CultureWorks

Whistler Adventure School – Rock Guide

Whistler Adventure School – Bike Guide


Language Test Prep                                                            University / College Prep

Brock University                                                               Brock University     

ILAC                                                                                  Kaplan International Languages (EDT & PDT)

Kaplan International Languages (EDT & PDT)                 Stafford House/CATS        

Paragon Testing – CAEL Test Prep                                    Tamwood

Tamwood                                                                          University of Toronto Mississauga & CultureWorks


Teacher Training

University of Toronto Mississauga & Culture Works