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The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is offering a wide variety of education programs to international students. Virtually all programs offered to our day students are available to our international visa students. We are very proud of our reputation for excellence in education and innovation and our community’s reputation as a safe, clean, prosperous and multi-cultural environment to learn and live. As a Faith-based institution, we offer a wide variety of academic and co-curricular programs in our schools with a highly qualified, expert staff and we embrace international students within our school communities. 

Our goal is to offer quality, comprehensive, and individualized education plans that meet the needs of our international visa students – education plans that guide them to reach their potential, and that prepare them for both their post-secondary career paths and their role as global citizens. International visa student education plans will be established with a thorough assessment of each student’s academic and English language capacity and will consider both academic and social needs of individual students. Our school system has the capacity to offer programs with full English-Second-Language support, partial English-Second-Language support and total immersion. 

In addition to our five Secondary schools, mature students can achieve their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits, including English-Second-Language credits at Saint Louis, our Adult Learning Centres. Students that achieve their OSSD through Saint Louis are well prepared to apply to any English-speaking university or college.

Our school board has a formal relationship with post-Secondary institutions, including the University of Waterloo, St. Jerome’s University, Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Our successful international students have preferred admission status at all these universities and the college.

Our Secondary schools offer the highest quality cooperative education credit courses in Canada and these courses are available to international visa students. Students can explore business or industry careers or take credit courses at the post-Secondary institutes. The result is Secondary school credits toward a Secondary School Diploma and an all-important letter of reference for students that will apply to universities or colleges.

Program Established: 2006

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Short Term, Summer Camp

Language(s) of Study: English

Total number of schools: 55

High schools for international students: 6

Total Students: 40,000

Total International Students: 225

International Students Accepted for Grades: JK-8; 9-12

Nearest Airport: Pearson International Airport (approx. 45 minute drive)

Welcome To Our Community…

Waterloo Region, considered the technology and academic heartland of Canada, is a vibrant, safe community offering a great opportunity for you to receive an excellent English language education. With a population of 500,000, this is the eleventh largest metropolitan area in Canada…and it’s growing. People from around the world are drawn here to benefit from the unique opportunities and high quality of life.  Waterloo Region is within easy access to world-class cities like Toronto, Montreal, and New York, as well as some of the planet’s most spectacular natural wonders, including Niagara Falls. The City of Waterloo is the home of the world-famous “Blackberry” smartphone and was recently named the world’s Top Intelligent Community by the Intelligent Communities Forum, an international think-tank based in New York City. Waterloo is also the home of the Centre for International Governance Innovation, and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, which will soon become the largest center for the study of theoretical physics in the world. Waterloo Region is conveniently located 45 minutes west of the Lester B. Pearson International Airport and 90 minutes from downtown Toronto. Waterloo Region is home to three world-class post-Secondary institutions – the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, Conestoga College of Technology & Advanced Learning. 

International students studying in Waterloo Region’s Catholic Schools have the advantage of a comprehensive home-stay program that is directed by the school district’s international department. International parents and agencies supporting students can confidently coordinate all aspects of  programs through the WCSDB  international department including custodianship, medical insurance, selection of homestay accommodations and community engagement. Homestays are carefully selected and every effort is made to align the values and expectations of the international students’ parents with those of the homestay family. When the school district is appointed as custodian or guardian, ongoing communication and reporting is an expectation to ensure the students’ best interests. The homestay relationship is review regularly to ensure that the homestay is supportive and that the necessary supervision is in place. A positive homestay experience is very important to the overall success of our international students.

Waterloo Region Catholic Schools offer extra-curricular activities in all areas of interest – athletics, arts & sciences, technology, as well as numerous clubs. These activities and clubs are generally supervised and directed by trained coaches and teachers that ensure all students are engaged and developing both their technical and social skills. International visa students are invited and encouraged to participate fully in these opportunities and no additional international fees are changed to visa students. Visit our Secondary school websites to review all the opportunities: www.wcdsb.ca.

Entrance Dates: September & February, throughout the year with some restrictions and limitations

Application Deadlines:  through the year; prefer two-three months before admission date 

Application Fee: $396

Full Year Tuition Fee: Secondary $14,800, Elementary $14,000

1 Semester Tuition Fee: One semester – Secondary $7,400 Elementary $7,000

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: $190

Homestay Monthly Fee: $1,150

Annual Health Insurance Fee: $560

Annual Custodianship Fee: $850 and $305 Airport Transfer

All funds are in Canadian dollars

Prices are subject to change, please confirm fees during the application process.

General Inquiries Email: info@wcdsb.ca

Website: www.wcdsb.ca/our-schools/international-education-services/

Mailing Address: 35 Weber Street West, Unit A, PO Box 91116

City: Kitchener

Province: Ontario

Postal Code: N2G 4G2

Phone: 519-578-3660 ext 2324

Fax: 519-743-9978

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