Whiteshell School District

The School District of Whiteshell is the smallest and most unique school District in the province and we are proud of that fact.  We are student-first thinkers.  We value holistic development, work/life balance, individual accountability and social responsibility.

  • Our class sizes and student teacher ratios are the best in the province.
  • We prepare students for post-secondary pursuits: university academics, skilled trades and business.
  • We offer EAL (English as an Additional Language) support to enhance English language learning and fluency development, including TOEFL preparation support.

We Believe In:

  • Hhigh quality education and inspired learning.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills.
  • Citizenship, courtesy, respect and healthy relationships for all people.
  • Healthy living, environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Responsible leadership and accountability.
  • Mastery of essential skills by all to open opportunities for a successful future.

Historically, our students outscore provincial averages in almost every strand of English Language Arts and Mathematics by 10% to 40%.  Our learners excel in the classroom, while engaging in a variety of life-skills programming, sports and activities.

We have a full slate of higher level maths and science courses in addition to arts, music, photography, woodworking, bicycle maintenance, outdoor education, power mechanics, tourism, home economics, business, global issues and more…

Program Established: 2011

Programs Offered: Full Year, 1 Semester, Short Term, Summer Camp, Winter Camp

Language(s) of Study: English

Total number of schools: 2

High schools for international students: 1

Total International Students: 6

International Students Accepted for Grades: 9-12 and post-graduate

Nearest Airport: Winnipeg (YWG)

Nestled along the shores of the Winnipeg River, in the beautiful town of Pinawa, The School District of Whiteshell offers an outstanding combination of quality education and balanced, healthy lifestyle opportunities for learners from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Our town was purpose built only 50 years ago and boasts a rich history of internationalism.

International students come to us as “new family members”, rather than as numbers.  We offer outstanding safety and security, interaction with teachers and fellow students on evenings and weekends, life experience in a true Canadian wilderness environment, educational and cultural ties to our aboriginal communities, and close proximity to our capital city and international airport.

For additional information about Pinawa, please visit: www.pinawa.com

Our key features include:

  • Safest, quiet rural community with no crime or violence issues.
  • Welcoming community ideal for immediate belonging, involvement, and learning.
  • Pristine, natural environment free from air, water, light and noise pollution.
  • Unmatched outdoor activities and education opportunities throughout the year.
  • Diverse climate with distinct seasons and weather patterns.
  • Close proximity to Winnipeg for festivals and additional cultural, arts, sporting and entertainment.

For additional information about Winnipeg, visit: www.city.winnipeg.mb.ca

We are early adopters of the Balanced School Day scheduling, allowing students time for daily, mid-morning Nutrition and Activity Breaks (NAB) to re-energize and re-focus their minds. Students are encouraged to use NAB time to explore new activities, hobbies, and the pursuit of interest-driven learning. NAB also provides leadership opportunities, multiage interaction, time for team practices and guidance for outdoor education. This program was granted Ministry of Education endorsement as an innovative approach to learning.

We offer a number of sports, arts, music, and creative pursuits to satisfy individual student passions, including but not limited to:


  • Cross Country Running
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Track And Field
  • Golf
  • Concert And Jazz Bands
  • Student Council And Leadership Groups
  • Envirathon
  • Hovercraft Design Team
  • Horticulture Cub
  • Trivia Team and More…


  • Hockey
  • Curling
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Art Club
  • Theatre
  • Community Band
  • Toast Masters’ Speaking Club
  • Service And Volunteering
  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Sailing Club
  • Rowing Club and More…



  • Community Library
  • Fitness Rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Community Garden
  • Computer Labs
  • Ice Skating /Hockey Arenas
  • Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Walking Trails
  • Public Beach And Docks
  • Tennis Courts
  • Beach Volleyball

Ski/ Bike Trails and More…

We believe in family first.  We go to great lengths to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all students, recognizing that the “home fit” is a vital component to learning, cultural exchange and overall experiential success.  We have homestay staff with many years of international boarding and homestay experience to ensure our quality standards and continuous improvement.

  • Our international students are welcomed as family within their host homes.
  • Each student is provided with a private, comfortable bedroom and a study area within the home.
  • Students develop life-long friendships very quickly.
  • All homestay placements are within comfortable walking distance from the school.
  • Homestay families provide 3 meals each day, with additional snacks between meals.
  • Students all have the option to eat lunch at school for added social opportunities.
  • We program optional weekend activities to enhance the enjoyment of the homestay experience.

Our homestay staff work within the school setting and are easily accessible everyday as needed. In many cases, they have direct interaction with students in the academic environment.   Our staff also live within the same community and frequently visit or host international students during activity events or special dinners to monitor progress in a natural way.

Entrance Dates: September, January, April

Application Deadlines: None

Application Fee: $200

Full Year Tuition Fee: $10,000

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $5,000

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: none

Homestay Monthly Fee: $700

Annual Health Insurance Fee: none

Annual Custodianship Fee: none

All funds are in Canadian dollars

General Inquiries Email: tstef@sdwhiteshell.mb.ca

Website: sdwhiteshell.mb.ca/

Mailing Address: 20 Vanier Avenue

City: Pinawa

Province: MB

Postal Code: R0E 1L0

Phone: 204-753-8366

Fax: 204-753-2237

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