Central Quebec School Board

The Central Québec School Board (CQSB) is situated in historical Québec City but our territory covers nearly one-third of the province of Québec. Our Board has served the English-speaking community under various names since 1867.

CQSB has jurisdiction over 18 schools and one Adult and Vocational Education centre. Eight of our nine Secondary (High) Schools have a student population of less than 500. We have four Secondary (High) schools; eight Elementary schools and six schools that offer instruction from Kindergarten to Secondary V (Grade 11). The largest Elementary school serves more than 450 students and the smallest serves approximately 50 students.

The excellence of our students’ results on Ministry Uniform Examinations confirm the Central Québec School Board as the English school Board with the highest success rate in the province year after year. No small feat for a school board with the largest territory and some of the most geographically isolated schools in the province! 

With our smaller-than-average class sizes, CQSB offers international students the unique opportunity for more individualised attention in safe, caring schools where students and teachers have the chance to build meaningful interpersonal relationships. Our strength is in the personal touch we can offer each and every student due not only to the size of our schools but more importantly, to the professional and caring attitude of our teaching, professional and support staff as well as the pedagogical leadership we entrust to our administrators both at the school level and at the Board office.

Program Established: 2010

Programs Offered: Full Year, 5 and 4 months

Language(s) of Study: English, French and combined

Total number of schools: 18

High schools for international students: 5

Elementary schools for International Students: 2

Total Students: 4565

Total International Students: 40

International Students Accepted for Grades: 6-11

Nearest Airport: Jean Lesage International Airport, Québec City

Three of our host schools are situated in or near historical Québec City. Students will have the opportunity to take a horse-and-buggy ride in beautiful Old Québec, to take part in our world-famous Winter Carnival and to visit a variety of museums, historic sites and cultural events. Quebec City is within driving distance of several ski resorts – it is a city that gets lots of snow! Quebec is also a city of festivals!

One of our host schools is situated in Saguenay – known for its breathtaking scenery, students will have access to a variety of activities all year long; they may choose to go whale watching the in Fiord du Saguenay and with the impressive snow collection, winter sports are a must!

CQSB Families hosting our International students will be recruited through our schools and in the local communities where our schools are located. All families will undergo a thorough screening and selection process.

Families will ensure a warm, caring environment with a private bedroom, nutritious meals and healthy snacks.

Some families are anglophone and others francophone. The international student has the opportunity to choose whether he or she wants a French or English speaking family based on availability.

Each of our schools has its own local flavour and each offers unique opportunities for our regular and our international students. All schools offer weekly physical education and the opportunity to sign up for local sports teams. One school offers a Soccer Concentration, Integrated Arts, Ceramics, Robotics, Spanish, Woodworking, Media & Communications and Entrepreneurship. Another school offers sports-concentration programs for hockey, basketball and soccer. It also offers a Music program, a Mandarin language concentration and a variety of elective courses such as Spanish, CISCO IT essentials, student leadership and studio research.

Yet another school offers arts, sports and outdoor activities. That school will be actively increasing its music, drama and sports-leadership programs as well. Our fourth school – the only one located in Saguenay – offers opportunities for students to join Soccer and Basketball sports teams, as well as offering educational field trips, a Variety Show, a Fashion Show and a variety of Intra-mural Sports.

Entrance Dates: August & January (different dates can be organized)

Application Deadlines: No deadlines (allow time for CAQ and study permit processing)

Application Fee: $220 (non-refundable)

Full Year Tuition Fee: $12,500

1 Semester Tuition Fee: $7,000

Annual Homestay Placement Fee: Included

Full Year Homestay Fees: $12,115

Half Year Homestay Fees: $6,520

Annual Health Insurance Fee: $500 for the year ($50/month)

Annual Custodianship Fee: $500 non-refundable

All funds are in Canadian dollars

Prices are subject to change, please confirm fees during the application process.

General Inquiries Email: isp@cqsb.qc.ca

Website: cqsb.qc.ca/

Mailing Address: 2046 chemin Saint-Louis

City: Quebec

Province: Quebec

Postal Code: G1T 1P4

Phone: 418-688-8730 ext 3113

Fax: 418-682-5891

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